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Greater Manchester Police Warn of Fraudulent Online Fundraising Pages

In the wake of the Manchester attack on Monday evening, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is warning people to be cautious of online fundraising pages as it has emerged that fraudulent pages are being set up which request donations to support the families of the victims.

Spot the signs
Fraudulent fundraising websites often use topical events, such as a terror incident or natural disaster, to make it look like their charity has been created only recently in response, while the website may also be badly written or have spelling mistakes.

When you go to a donation page, fraudsters can record your credit or bank account details, so if you are unsure, seek further advicebefore donating any money.

Donate to an official page
If you do wish to donate, GMP is recommending that people visit the official Just Giving page set up by the Manchester Evening News in partnership with the British Red Cross.

Report it
If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, please report to Action Fraud.

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