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Sky TV Scam Phone Calls For Payment

Beware of bogus phone calls from fraudsters claiming to work for Sky or other service providers.

One Warwickshire resident received an unexpected phone call from someone who claimed they were calling from Sky. The caller said the householder had made an over-payment on their Sky account and was phoning to return the money. He then asked for the householder’s bank account /card details! The householder had not been a Sky customer for five years!

The fraudster was described as being very persistent and phoned several times.

NEVER provide any personal or financial information to cold callers! If a genuine service/utility provider contacts you about a service you are receiving, they will already possess you bank details, you won’t need to provide them again. If you are at all unsure whether a phone call is genuine or not, put the phone down and phone the trader back on a publicly listed telephone number.

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