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As BBC #InsideOut Discovers How Extremists Groom Online, Safe In Warwickshire Launches #OnlineRadicalisation Awareness Sessions For Parents

A special report by BBC Inside Out London on the London Bridge attack revealed explicit terrorist tutorials on the dark web, which included step-by-step instructions on how to make a bomb, and a detailed description of how to create a fake suicide vest. The reality of our young children being groomed over the internet, via WhatsApp, pulled into conversations on the dark web and being befriended by these terrorists and extremists is a real time threat to us and our communities.

To help tackle these issues Warwickshire Community Safety Team Prevent Officer and Cyber Crime Advisors have created an informative, interactive session for Warwickshire parents to learn how to prevent their children from being groomed into this type of world. Parents and carers will be taught how to spot the signs if their young people are being groomed over the internet and provided with advice on what to do about it. Parents are shown in the session how to monitor the types of websites their children access and how to apply security measures onto all devices in the household in order to keep children safe.kidsafe



Stats show that there are more than 500,000 predators are online everyday targeting our young people and children aged 12-15 years are more susceptible to being groomed and manipulated by offenders online.

Inside Out London’s reporter said: ‘In July 2016, we discovered that a terrorist organisation was touting on Twitter and Facebook for British Muslims to stage attacks at specific London locations. ‘We began conversing with one of their recruiters, who then invited us to chat privately on a secret messaging site. This proves that the every day apps and websites our children are using should be made safe and monitored.

For more information on the Inside Out London report, please click here Inside Out Report

For further information on booking onto the Prevent Online Grooming – Keeping Your Family Safe two hour session, see the flyer below.

Flyer Prevent Online Grooming – Keeping your family safe

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For further information about Prevent in Warwickshire, please visit

More information about keeping safe online can be found on the Cyber Safe Warwickshire website.

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