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Are you concerned someone you know might be being groomed or radicalised? Do you know who to contact for help in Warwickshire?


Warwickshire residents tell us that they are unsure as to where they would refer someone who may have concerning extreme beliefs or be involved with an extreme group or terrorist gang. Warwickshire County Council runs ‘Channel Panel’ a nationally recognised referral system for those who may be vulnerable to being drawn into radicalisation or terrorism. The aim of the programme is early intervention and helps to divert people away from the risk they may face.

The three key stages of Channel are:

  • Identify individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism;
  • Assess the nature and extent of that risk; and
  • Develop the most appropriate support plan for the individuals concerned

How do you identify those at risk?
Referrals come from those who have concerns about individuals who may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

Who makes the referrals?
Referrals can come from a wide range of individuals and partners and could include youth offending teams, social services, health, police, education and local communities.

What kind of support is provided through the channel?
Support provided could include mentoring, signposting to mainstream services such as education, employment or housing. Support is always tailored to specific needs of the individual following assessment by the multi-agency panel.

How do I refer someone in Warwickshire?

Click this Warwickshire Prevent Referral form to CHANNEL to refer someone you have concerns about.

Further contacts for Prevent in Warwickshire are below:

Prevent Contacts

For further information on Prevent in Warwickshire visit

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