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Spooktacular Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween 2017 is fast approaching. Whether you’re ‘trick or treating’ or having friends over for a party we want you all to have a good time.

Whilst we want you to have a good time, we also want you to remain safe. Halloween can often be a worrying and unnerving time for the elderly, vulnerable or those who live alone.

If you are planning on going ‘trick or treating’, our colleagues at Warwickshire Police provide the following advice:

  • Adults should always accompany young children. Never let youngsters go ‘trick or treating’ alone.
  • Only visit the homes of people you know. Never accept an invitation to go inside a stranger’s home.
  • Always keep to well-lit areas, wear bright clothing and carry a torch.
  • Unless pre-arranged, do not visit elderly and/or vulnerable members of the community. Halloween can often be a worrying and stressful time.
  • Keep any tricks within the law.
  • If a house is displaying a ‘sorry no trick or treat’ sign, please respect this.

If you’d rather your home was not visited this Halloween, they have a ‘sorry no trick or treat’ downloadable poster that you can display in your window, as well as general Halloween advice. The poster and advice can be found in the ‘downloads’ box on this page: Halloween 2017

Please share the poster and advice with elderly and/or vulnerable neighbours, relatives etc.

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