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Theft of pedal cycles, security advice

The following security advice has been issued by Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police. Well worth a read…

Folks, there has been an increase in cycle theft over the recent months. If you own a pedal cycle please check your security.

In recent years there has been an increase in the theft of pedal cycles nationally and locally. More than half of the bikes are stolen from the owner’s property.

Take time to look at where you store your bike and the security devices used.
Remember, consider the value of your bike then look to spend the appropriate amount of money to protect it.
Record a full description of the bike to include make, model, serial number, marks, features and accessories.
Take pictures of the bike.
Check to make sure your bike is covered by house contents insurance or for more expensive bikes specific insurance will be required.
At home
Keep your bike in a secure garage or shed. Keep it out of public view, away from prying eyes.
Secure it to an immovable object, an object a bike cannot be lifted over and cannot be broken, cut or removed.
Use good quality locks/chains that meet ‘sold secure’ standard. Please don’t secure a £1,000 bike with a £5 lock.
Overtly mark your bike; there are many products on the market from straight forward labels with post codes to more expensive schemes such as bike register, a national database set up just to deal with bikes.
You could include bikes when you register other items on Immobilise

Out and about
Thieves do not like to be seen! Where possible, lock your bike in a well-lit, busy area. Look for CCTV coverage.
Lock both wheels and the frame to a bike stand or strong immovable object.
Lock ‘tight’ so your bike is hard to manoeuvre when parked.
Use good quality locks/chains that meet ‘sold secure’ standard.

Please click on the link for further crime prevention advice.


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