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The ‘Lets Talk About It’ (LTAI) website has been re-launched with a more up to date feel to help local communities in the challenge to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism, #prevent

The Let’s Talk About It (LTAI) website has been re-launched this week, following a redesign to make it more up to date and relevant to communities. The aim of the site is to give people a clear and better understanding of both Prevent and Channel, while providing signposting and support for people who are concerned that someone they know may be vulnerable to radicalisation. The site contains useful information around how to spot the signs that someone may be being radicalised and provides tips on how you can protect yourself.

A news section has been added to the site which will allow for the site to be regularly updated with relevant and evolving topics.  Prevent Officer Steve Smith said: “The new site is vastly improved. Not only does it look and feel better which makes it much more engaging, it’s also easier to use and it has more in depth content to help people understand how both Channel and Prevent work.

“We hope that by promoting the work of Channel and Prevent, and giving people a better understanding, we can create a wider awareness which will in turn reduce the risk of people becoming radicalised into supporting terrorism.

As part of the web re-launch, Let’s Talk About It now has its own Facebook page to run alongside its existing Twitter and YouTube accounts.LTAI Website Find help image

You can access the social media accounts here:




For information on Prevent in Warwickshire click here SafeinWarwickshire/Prevent

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