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We’ve come so far in a century of campaigning for gender equality, but our work isn’t over yet.

6th February 2018 marks 100 years since Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act, giving women the right to vote in elections on the same grounds as men (that is, women had to be propertied). Yet we still have not seen equal representation of women in government, violence against women and girls remains endemic and gender stereotypes continue to limit both men and women.

Violence Against Women and Girls remains a barrier to gender equality in 2018 and beyond. 100 years on and women are still facing a blame culture and attitudes that stereotype and limit both men and women. It’s #OurTimeNow to change this- and say #TimesUp to gender inequality for good.

What many women (and some men) have known but not felt able to voice is now being openly spoken of daily, whether in conversations with friends, or being discussed in global forums.

100 years since some women first secured the vote – and women still do not have equal representation in Parliament. Female MPs are outnumbered 2:1 by men in Parliament.  It’s #OurTimeNow to make a change, and make sure women a fairly represented at all levels of power.

The #GenderPayGap is often larger for women of colour, particularly Pakistani & Bangladeshi women. 100 years on since women first won the vote, each of us must do something to address this stark inequality.  (Animation by @GolinLON) #OurTimeNow #TimesUp

12 years after their 1st child is born, working mums earn 33% less/hr than men. The #GenderPayGap grows over our working lives. We all must take urgent action. Find out how:  (Animation by @GolinLON) #OurTimeNow #TimesUp

Approximately 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales every year. 94% of Warwickshire’s victims of domestic violence and abuse assessed as being at a high risk of serious harm or homicide are female. Everyone has the right to a life free from violence and abuse. #ITSNOTOK

Young women experience gender norms and stereotypes which prevent them for reaching their full potential. Only one in three girls who take maths and science at GCSE progress to take a STEM subject at A-level or equivalent, compared to eight out of ten boys. Gender norms limit both men and women- and are at the root of the #GenderPayGap. 100 years on, each of us must do something to address this stark inequality. Find out more:  (Animation by @GolinLON) #OurTimeNow #TimesUp

On February 6th 1918, Millicent Fawcett, the Pankhursts and other suffrage campaigners won a hard-fought victory. They secured the first votes for some women, a moment that paved the way for universal suffrage ten years later. Their triumph in the face of many challenges inspires us to know that we can succeed too. Anything is possible.

100 years on, women everywhere have been calling #TimesUp on discrimination and are taking their fight forward. We are going to make 2018 a year of victories for girls and women everywhere. It’s #OurTimeNow.

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If you have experienced violence and abuse and would like someone to talk to the following organisations are here to help you:

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