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5,000 people gathered in Birmingham for marches organised by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

For those of you who have attended our free ‘Prevent Online Grooming – Keeping Your Family Safe’ sessions you will have taken part in discussions about the Football Lads Alliance (FLA). The Community Safety Team advised parents that a rally would be taking place in March in Birmingham demonstrating against terrorism and extremism and justice for those involved in the Birmingham pub bombings in the 1970’s. This group have an online presence of which we have made parents across Warwickshire who have attended our sessions aware of all groups out there encouraging adults and children to join their allegiances.

English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson joined about 3,000 FLA marchers at Curzon Street near Millennium Point. The group claims to be a movement uniting “the football family against extremism”.

Tommy Robinson EDL

For read further on the march click FLA March in Birmingham

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