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Are you a Manager or a leader who can train your staff or your community around the Prevent Duty? Become an accredited Home Office ‘Workshop To Raise Awareness of Prevent’ (WRAP) Trainer for free.

The Prevent Duty requires all front line staff and commissioned services to be trained on the Prevent Duty. Warwickshire Prevent offers free face to face training in WRAP and offers for individuals to become trained as trainers if you have groups of staff or communities you can train. It is essential that everyone in our area can identify if individuals are being groomed or radicalised and know where to report this to or where to get help.

The WRAP Train the Trainer session on 11th September at Tyler House Hub in Stratford still has places available. Sign up via WILMA to attend the free session. You will become an accredited Home Office trainer able to deliver training on grooming, radicalisation and extremism. The session teaches about Warwickshire Prevent, our referral system and some of our local case studies.

Help us safeguard our communities, our young people and to keep everyone safe.

Click here to sign up to the Train the Trainer course in WRAP and also for our face to face WRAP sessions.

For further information on Prevent click here.


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