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Modern Slavery ‘Unseen’ Report Reveals Nearly 5,000 Victims Last Year

Unseen, the organisation which runs the Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre, have published their Impact Report for 2017, showing the key progress and achievements made during last year.

The report revealed the successes of Unseen’s main projects in 2017:

  • The Modern Slavery Helpline recorded 1,271 cases of modern slavery
  • It had reports of 4,886 potential victims, of 94 different nationalities
  • The Helpline received 3,710 calls, and 710 online reports
  • 1,442 referrals were made to local authorities, law enforcement or other agencies
  • Their women’s safehouse supported 22 women from 14 countries
  • Their men’s safehouse supported 21 men from 12 countries
  • Their outreach service supported 59 survivors and their families
  • Over 1,300 delegates from the police, NHS, local authorities, charities and businesses had been trained
  • They helped towards the first prosecutions relating to trafficked children

The full report can be viewed here.

The Modern Slavery Helpline – 08000 121 700

The Helpline provides 24/7 specialist support across the UK to victims and to those
who want to report a suspicion of modern slavery or seek advice. The information
gathered from calls provides valuable intelligence on the nature and scale
of modern slavery in the UK, which is used to create strategies with which to tackle it.

Modern Slavery 2017 Report.png

New Unseen App

Unseen has recently launched a new app, which allows you to spot the signs of Modern Slavery, and report it to the Modern Slavery Helpline all in the one place on your mobile device.

Unseen App.jpg

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