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Our Families, Our Future Safeguarding Events are kicking off again for 2018. Do you live in the north of Warwickshire? Our Atherstone event is coming soon, book now!

Our Families, Our Future is back for 2018 after a successful number of events held in 2017. The national branding supports safeguarding, and for those of you who attended last year you will have listened to excellent speakers at each event. In 2017 we had an ex-jihadi fighter and the whistle blower from the Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) scandal visit Warwickshire and deliver presentations to community members and professionals.

In 2018 we will be bringing you speakers talking about Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage, Gangs, Expolitation and CSE.

Our Families Our Future Atherstone

Sign up to our free event taking place on 1st November in Atherstone via the link below:

Our Families, Our Future Booking Link

Sign up to other free events taking place across the county:

Our Families Our Future Warwickshire Events Booking Link

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