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Get Involved! Our Warwickshire Hate Incident Panels Need YOU!

Warwickshire’s Hate Crime Partnership is looking for volunteers to join our Hate Incident Partnership Panels (HIPPs); meaning that you can help make a difference to the lives of those affected by hate crime in our county.

We need YOUR valuable input and solutions to help ourselves and partners problem solve issues relating to local trends and themes around hate crime. Your insight will also be invaluable to us, as a crucial means of gauging what communities are experiencing in relation to hate crime in Warwickshire.

What Are The HIPPs?

The HIPPs were set up in 2015 to discuss hate crime in Warwickshire. At the meetings, we have Warwickshire County Council, local District & Borough representatives, Warwickshire Police, EQuIP, and, most importantly, our community members.

We have 2 HIPPs running in Warwickshire. Our North HIPP covers the North Warwickshire, Nuneaton & Bedworth and Rugby boroughs; while the South HIPP focuses on issues in Warwick and Stratford districts.

What Do The HIPPs Do?

The groups meet every 3 months, where we:

  1. Discuss local themes and trends, providing inputs and solutions to overcome these
  2. Evaluate current and emerging trends locally, regionally and nationally which may impact on hate crime and community cohesion
  3. Support in the localised delivery of the countywide action plan
  4. Plan and provide advice on new campaigns
  5. Help with promotional activities and raising awareness of hate crime in the community

Who Can Join The HIPPs?

Any member of the community is welcome to join their local group but ideally we need people who:

  • Have an interest in hate crime
  • Would like to share opinions and offer advice
  • Have a good network within their community and an understanding of their needs

What Will I Be Asked To Do At HIPP Meetings?

All we ask is that you come to the meetings ready to share anything which we and our partners need to be aware of; help generate ideas for solutions in response to local themes and trends; and assist in spreading our messages and work to Warwickshire communities.

There are just 4 meetings each year, which take place from 6pm to 8pm, but we really can make a difference to those affected by hate crime in Warwickshire with these panels.

How Do I Register My Interest In Joining The HIPPs?

If you are interested in volunteering as a HIPP member, or need more information about the meetings and what would be involved, please contact or phone on 01926 412468.

More information about our Hate Crime work can be found on our Hate Crime page, and by visiting our partnership Report Hate Now website.

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