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Beware Bogus Solicitor Warning

Warwickshire Trading Standards is warning residents to beware of bogus solicitors. Trading Standards Officers have received reports that some traders offering will writing and similar products (in England and Wales, the law lets anyone write wills) may be claiming to be solicitors when they are not and using the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) logo incorrectly. Watch out for leaflets coming through your door!

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is the regulator of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales. It is a criminal offence for someone to call themselves a solicitor or act as a solicitor if they are not on the roll of solicitors. Bogus solicitors may be prosecuted and the SRA issues alerts

More information on bogus solicitors and how to check if a solicitor is on the roll or a law firm is SRA regulated is available here: bogus solicitor

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