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Trading Standards scam alerts: bogus loans, false puppy adverts and spam ‘delivery’ texts

Warwickshire Trading Standards scam alerts

Puppy scam

Prospective puppy buyers are warned to beware of bogus sellers who falsely claim that the puppy they are selling is a pedigree Kennel Club registered animal. Warwickshire buyers have reported spending thousands on puppies that were advertised as KC registered when they were not. The Kennel Club provides buying advice and guidance on their website

Bogus delivery spam texts warning

Warwickshire residents have reported receiving messages to their mobile phones from ‘traders’ suggesting that a delivery has been missed and encouraging the recipient to phone the driver to re-arrange delivery. People who have called back have reported speaking to someone who claims to be the driver and be charged a premium rate for the call! The residents were not expecting parcels and no parcels were delivered. More advice on spam texts

Young people warned to beware of scam loan companies

Young people living in Warwickshire have reported being scammed by bogus loan companies that ask for up front fees to arrange loans that never materialise. Typically, the young person will already have made several unsuccessful online loan applications before being cold called by someone claiming to be able to secure them a loan. The caller than asks for an advanced fee, sometimes paid by bank transfer but even by Amazon or iTunes vouchers! The loan never appears, and the bogus loan company continues to ask for money. Residents have reported losing hundreds of pounds this way. More advice on loan fee fraud

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