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Trading Standards scam alerts: Bogus advertisers and scam HMRC phone calls

Bogus advertisers target small Warwickshire businesses

Warwickshire businesses are warned to beware of scam advertisers. Bogus advertisers cold call their victims, offering advertising space in publications that have little or no circulation and, in some cases, may never be published at all. The scammers use cleverly worded scripts to trick businesses in to agreeing to pay hundreds of pounds for adverts. They may falsely claim that the publication has a safety theme and is supported by the Police or Fire Service or will benefit local schools. Their phone calls are often recorded, and the fraudulent publishers threaten businesses with legal action if they don’t pay up. Businesses don’t usually realise they have been targeted until they receive a demand for payment in the post. Small businesses and the self-employed are often victims.

You can’t tell a good trader from a bad one over the phone, never agree to buy any goods or services from unexpected/cold callers.

Business scams

Scam HMRC phonecalls

Warwickshire residents are again being cold called by fraudsters falsely claiming to work for HMRC and demanding money for ‘taxes owed’ with menaces. Residents have been threatend with arrest by the Police, fines and court action to get them to send money. The scammers sometimes ask for payment using vouchers and gift cards. Residents are urged to put the phone down.

Warnings from HMRC

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