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Tax rebate cold caller warnings

Warwickshire residents are warned to be wary of unexpected phone calls from people claiming to be able to obtain a range of tax refunds for them, for example marriage tax allowance rebate.  The callers usually ask for personal information such as National Insurance numbers, data that could be used to carry out identity theft

There is no way of knowing who a cold caller really is. Consumers should never divulge personal or financial information to cold callers. 

There are businesses that may offer to obtain tax refunds on your behalf, for a fee, but residents should be aware that you can claim for free by visiting the official UK Government website and searching ‘tax refund’ or ‘marriage allowance’. In most cases this will be a simple process. If you think you have paid too much tax you can also contact the HMRC Self Assessment Helpline, telephone: 0300 200 3310.

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