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Travellers are warned to beware of fake refund websites 

Many travellers will have found their holiday plans disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and some may now be seeking refunds after being forced to cancel their trips. An added complication for some consumers may be that their travel agent or holiday company is currently swamped with phone calls, closed or has even ceased trading.

Fraudsters are reported to have set up fake websites that claim to be able to obtain refunds on behalf of customers. They may appear very convincing but are designed to steal personal and financial information and fleece customers by asking for upfront payments for refunds that are never provided. They may also be making unsolicited calls or texts promising a refund.

If you are facing holiday disruption, there is lots of genuine help and advice available. The situation is complicated, and everyone’s personal circumstances will be different depending upon, for example what type of holiday was booked and travel dates.

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service can provide holidaymakers with advice and information on their legal consumer rights. Please phone 0808 223 1133.

There are also several websites offering free advice, including:

Citizens Advice:


Money Saving Expert:

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