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Sexual & Reproductive Health Support For Vulnerable Individuals & Communities During COVID-19

Warwickshire’s sexual and reproductive health services are open. They have reduced their face to face appointments to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection but they will be able to triage and consult by phone and, where needed, see urgent, priority or vulnerable clients in person.

They may also be able to post out or arrange for collection of sexually transmitted infection test kits and/or contraception (pills, condoms).

General practice remains open to provide contraception, including emergency contraception, using triage and telephone consultation with face to face appointments when necessary. As with all services PHONE FIRST.

Details of local Warwickshire service offers are here or by telephone on 0300 123 6644.

For The General Public

Information for the public on what to do about contraception, emergency contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and sexual assault during Covid-19 is on Sexwise. This includes links to other organisations providing information and support.

For Professionals & Practitioners

To help ensure any sexual or reproductive health needs are identified, we recommend practitioners in services proactively offer support to clients following the MECC approach of AskAssist, Act.

ASK – Do you need any help with contraception, emergency contraception, pregnancy support or sexually transmitted infections?

ASSIST – You can find more information on Sexwise and these are the local services or GP you can make contact with.

ACT – Find the nearest relevant service or the client’s GP, and help the client make an appointment. As some service users may not have access to a private phone for a telephone consultation, if you are able to make one available safely, this would be very helpful.

Other Urgent Help

As you are aware, COVID19 and the lockdown has caused additional economic hardship and stress for many. Please refer people in need to local authority support services online at or by calling 01926 410410.

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