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COVID-19, iPhone Purchase and Business Email Compromise Scams

Beware Fake NHS COVID Vaccination Text Messages

The fake messages state that the recipient is eligible to apply for a vaccination but must first prove ‘ownership of address’ by divulging bank account and card details such as sort codes, account numbers and credit/debit card numbers. Fraudsters may also be perpetrating this scam by phone.

Beware of any requests for your banking details, passwords, or pin numbers. Any requests for information of this type under these circumstances should serve as instant red flag.

Fake Purchase Scam

Warwickshire consumers are warned to beware of unexpected recorded phone calls from scammers, stating that they (the resident) has purchased a high value item such as an iPhone from a website, and asking them to press a button on the phone if this is incorrect. Those doing so will almost certainly be connected to a fraudster who will then attempt to obtain personal and financial information from them, claiming they will need the information to carry out a refund. NEVER reveal personal or financial information to cold callers. More on phone scams:

Work from Home Employees Warned of Gift Card Scam

Warwickshire employees currently working from home are warned to beware of a business email compromise gift card scam that has been targeted at Warwickshire businesses.

The scam begins by a fraudster obtaining control of a business owner/manager’s email account. The fraudster then sends an email requesting an employee help them with a task using for example the pretext they are on a Zoom call. The scammer asks for the employees’ mobile number so they can text them some business information. They follow this up with a text or Whatsapp message asking the employee to purchase Apple or Google gift cards using their own bank card, for a client, after which they are promised they will be reimbursed. Lastly, the scammer, again posing as the business owner/manager requests the gift card numbers.

Scammers don’t need the physical cards to use them, only the numbers. Employees working from home are advised to double check any requests they receive that appear unusual, or that involve providing personal or financial information or the purchase of gift cards.

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