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Bike Marking Events

For anyone who got a new bike over Christmas, Bedworth and Nuneaton SNT will be out next week bike marking in a socially distanced space. If you are out doing your exersise please come and see us. DO NOT leave your house just to come and get your bike marked. If you want your bike marked but can’t leave the house  we may be able to arrange a visit to your house and do it there in a safe environment. Please see below for ths dates, times and venues where you can see PCSO 6287 and PCSO 6329

18/01/21 @ 14.00hrs Bulkington Rec Ground

19/01/21 Bedworth Skate Park @ 11.00hrs and Riversley Park @ 14.00hrs

20/01/21 Nuneaton Town Centre opposite Wilkinson @ 11.00hrs and Bailey Park Bedworth @ 14.00hrs

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