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Teenagers and Young People are Among Those More at Risk of Food Allergy Reactions

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A campaign to help young people manage their food allergies has been launched by the Food Standards Agency. 

Living with a food allergy can affect people in different ways. Having a food allergy can pose extra challenges to daily tasks and have unexpected impacts on new experiences. For teenagers and young adults with a food allergy, navigating the new experiences that come with these stages of life can bring about extra risks.

Research shows that children and young people are at a higher risk of experiencing food allergy reactions. And while many are confident about managing their food allergy in general, they are less likely to tell a café or restaurant about their allergy, particularly if they have eaten a meal from the same place before.

It’s because of this that the FSA #SpeakUpForAllergies campaign aims to encourage young people to always speak to the restaurant about their food allergies, even if it’s a meal they’ve had before. Never assume a meal will be safe, as ingredients can change.

For advice for young allergy suffers eating out in restaurants or ordering takeaways, visit:

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