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Warwickshire Police Launches Intensification Week To Tackle Knife Crime

From 15th to 21st November, Warwickshire Police will amplify activities to prevent knife crime as part of Operation Sceptre.

Operation Sceptre is supported by forces nationally and is an ongoing series of week-long intensification programmes with the aim of reducing knife possession and associated violent crime. 

During November’s campaign Warwickshire officers will:

  • Execute a range of tactical operations such as targeted stop and searches, weapon sweeps and test purchases of knives from shops.
  • Set up knife surrender bins at police stations and take mobile units with bins to various community locations, allowing knives to be disposed of safely and anonymously.
  • Work in partnership with agencies, educational bodies and others to deliver awareness and prevention initiatives in the county.
  • Remind retailers that it is illegal to sell knives and bladed items to under 18s and offer guidance to ensure that adequate prevention measures and processes are in place.
  • Promote new laws that recently came into effect which make it a criminal offence to possess certain dangerous weapons in private*.  Such weapons include knuckledusters, zombie knives and Shuriken/Death Stars amongst others. 

“Although knife crime remains low in Warwickshire compared to many other force areas, we are totally committed to doing all we can to ensure our streets remain safe and feel safe.

Operation Sceptre provides a great opportunity to reinforce work that our officers undertake all year round to tackle knife crime in the county.

People who have knives that they do not need, or no longer wish to carry, are urged to take this opportunity to dispose of them safely.  Knives can be taken to police stations in Leamington and Nuneaton or deposited in mobile bins as our officers visit various community locations. 

This will ensure that these items never fall into the wrong hands, with potentially devastating consequences for victims and their families.”

Superintendent Mike Smith, Response and Community Policing, Warwickshire Police

* Laws came into effect on 14 July 2021 with the introduction of the first part of the Offensive Weapons Act 2019.  Offensive weapons as defined in Section 46 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

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