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Warwickshire Business Crime Handbook

A business crime prevention guide has been developed to assist with sharing best practices and local support available amongst our business communities. The guide can be accessed at .

Warwickshire Business Crime Handook

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Warwickshire Business Watch has been created in partnership between the Warwickshire County Council Community Safety and Substance Misuse Team, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Warwickshire Police. Its main aim is to provide information and advice to businesses, helping them to protect themselves from becoming victims of crime.

The team is comprised of the Business Crime Advisor, two Police Crime Prevention Design Officers and two Police Volunteers. Through this, businesses can access business and cyber crime advice, links to other groups who provide support such as Trading Standards, the Safe in Warwickshire team and Action Fraud, and also the details of the team behind Business Watch and their contact details.

As well as holding free and impartial advice for businesses, the Business Watch project offers the option to sign up to the free Warwickshire Business Watch alert scheme to receive alerts on all information of relevance on the topics of business and cyber crime, as well as information on latest incidents. The threat alerts will be used to notify businesses of crimes that could potentially affect them in their area, information on cyber threats but also general advice on staying safe.

Modern Slavery Business Pledge

Tackling Modern Slavery is a key priority for the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner and part of this work is encouraging businesses to sign the Modern Slavery Pledge.

This allows businesses to recognise Modern Slavery is a global business issue and commit to tackling Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in all forms, including in supply chains.

This requirement applies to business supplying goods or services in the UK with a turnover of £36m or more per year. However, because the turnover test is based on a business’s total global turnover, even businesses with a relatively small UK presence can be caught by the Act.

Supportive documents and more information about the Modern Slavery Business Pledge can be found at


Maintaining a central hub for data sharing that is recognised by the police and the business community as the most effective platform for gathering intelligence across Warwickshire.

Project is based on a two-way exchange of information. Bringing together information from across the business sector and combining it with police and public sector intelligence to help identify the scale of potential criminal threats.

Helping our members see the bigger picture and the full extent of the potential threat of prolific or persistent offenders, issuing alerts on trends and patterns to help all businesses better understand any potential risks and how they might use their resources to reduce them.

Being recognised for public-to-private data sharing, the Business Watch Project relies on exchanging intelligence for a more efficient solution to deterring crime that affect businesses in the area. Working in partnership with local authorities, partner agencies, businesses and groups of businesses, Business Watch acts as a single point of contact for all members, creating a safer business community across the county.

Funded through the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Business Watch ensures to remain an independent, not-for-profit and impartial scheme for all businesses and relevant organisations.


For more information on Warwickshire Business Watch please visit
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