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Community Safety Agreement

The Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board aims to create safer communities through the reduction of crime and the promotion of safety, with a focus on three key strategic ambitions:

  • Address the causes of violence
  • Tackle discrimination in all its forms
  • Safe, Healthy and Empowered communities.

The community safety ambitions for Warwickshire and how we will work together to address these are identified in the Warwickshire Community Safety Agreement 2022-26.

The Board has agreed the following vision to underpin the agreement:

Working together to prevent harm and protect the most vulnerable to create safe, healthy and empowered communities

The Warwickshire Community Safety Agreement for 2022-26 was approved by the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board (SWPB) at its meeting in March 2022.

The appendices to the agreement can be found below:

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