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There are many things you can do to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime. Click on the following links for tips on keeping yourself and your property safe.

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  • Safe In Summer Safety July 19, 2021 8:00 am
    With the weather hotting up, schools breaking up for the six week holidays and lockdown restrictions easing further, it’s time to take a few minutes to check your home security before enjoying the summer.  Whether you’ll be spending more time in your garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one), thinking of venturing out on day trips, having a staycation or even going abroad (subject to restrictions), we have advice for you.   Staying At Home?  Even if you’re spending time in your garden, it’s still good practice to lock all windows and doors at the front of your house to make sure your home is secure.  When you go to bed, make sure you’ve shut and locked all your downstairs windows and doors (and any others which are easily accessible via flat roofs). For upstairs windows, some casement windows are fitted with a secondary locking point, enabling you to have them slightly open for a little ventilation. Remember to lock them fully when you go out. Beware of bogus callers at your door. Use your spy hole and a door chain until you have seen their ID and are satisfied you want to let them in. If you’ve splashed out on any expensive garden furniture, make sure to secure these away when not in use [...]
  • Top Crime Prevention Tips As The Clocks Spring Forward March 26, 2021 11:50 am
    Top Crime Prevention Tips As The Clocks Spring Forward! #SafeInWarwickshire
  • Vehicle crime prevention – top tips October 29, 2019 2:43 pm
    As the dark nights and cold mornings creep in, don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle running on the drive to defrost while you stay inside in the warm. It would only take a thief seconds to drive off. If your vehicle is stolen while left unattended with the engine running your insurance may well be invalid, leading to major cost implications as well as the huge inconvenience of being left without your wheels. While you’re thinking about vehicle security, here’s some other simple but effective precautions you can take to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime: Lock the doors and close the windows and sun roof every time you leave your car or van, even for a moment. Don’t leave anything on display – even a jacket can seem like an appealing target if a thief thinks there might be something in the pockets. Be mindful of not leaving presents on display during the busy Christmas shopping season ahead. If you have a removable satellite navigation device, remove this wherever possible. Remember to also remove the support cradle and suction pad, and wipe away any marks left on the windscreen or dashboard. Store vehicle documents in [...]
  • As the clocks fall back, take a minute to boost your home security October 25, 2019 8:22 am
    The clocks go back this weekend, which means an extra hour in bed for most of us. It also means the arrival of darker nights, making it a good time to think about home security and the simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of burglary this winter. Check that all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving the house or going to bed. If you’re going away or out for the evening, set a timer switch to turn your lights on when it gets dark. Unlit houses are a giveaway that no one is at home. If you’re going to be away for a longer period of time, consider asking a neighbour or relative to clear the post away from the doormat and open and close the curtains. Never leave keys anywhere near the front door or letterbox; burglars know where to look. If you have a house alarm… USE IT. Make sure you set it when you go out and when you go to bed. If you’re closing up a shed or outbuilding for the winter, make sure you leave it secure. Fit and use a good quality padlock. While you’re [...]
  • Top Crime Prevention Tips As The Clocks Spring Forward March 28, 2019 10:00 am
    The clocks go forward this weekend, which must mean that spring is finally here! The (hopefully) warmer weather offers a great opportunity to get outside in the garden. Take a moment first to think about home security and you’ll reduce your risk of falling victim to opportunistic thieves all summer long. Ensure that doors and windows at the front of your home are secure if you are enjoying time in the garden. Expensive garden equipment should always be locked away in a safe and secure location when not in use. The same goes for bikes which can be a tempting target if left unattended and unsecured. Fit good quality padlocks to sheds and garages. Make sure tools such as ladders and spades are securely locked away as well. Don’t give thieves a chance to use these to help break into your home. Visibly and permanently marking your belongings helps you and the police identify them if they are stolen. It can also make it difficult for the thief to dispose of the property. Remember to securely lock all doors and windows before leaving the house. It’s easy to forget when you’re in a hurry to get out and enjoy some [...]
  • Top Tips To Protect Your Home & Valuables This Christmas December 20, 2018 8:52 am
    With the Christmas and New Year upon us, you are probably in the process of buying presents and stocking up on supplies for the festive season. However, at this time of year rich pickings can be found by criminals. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the festive season, so here are some useful tips to ensure that you don’t become a victim to an opportunist thief. Here’s a brief checklist and more details to help you have a great (crime-free) Christmas. When Using Your Vehicle: • Never leave presents or valuables on open display in your car. Even plastic carrier bags could attract a thief. • Park in safe, well-lit areas. • Use secure car parks, lock your vehicle & remove valuables. • Remove your SatNav and any associated cradle. Wipe off any marks left on your windscreen. When Out Shopping: • Do not leave your purse, wallet, keys or mobile telephone in your shopping trolley or basket. • Do not put any valuables down at the checkout when purchasing items. • Keep your valuables in an inside coat pocket or zip them in your bag and keep it close to your body. • If stopping [...]

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