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Watch out for Sextortion scams!

Due to a rise in local reports, #CyberSafeWarks want to provide the residents of Warwickshire with information on the dangers of sextortion scams, protection advice and where to report if you’ve fallen victim!

5 Steps To Improve Your Cyber Security

From password protection to two-factor authentication, here are 5 actions you can take to improve your cyber security!

Met Someone Online? They May Not Be Who You Think They Are…

Cyber Safe Warwickshire want you to be able to spot the signs of romance fraud and prevent you from falling victim. Follow these steps to protect yourself and share with others! If you’ve been the victim of a romance fraud, report to Action Fraud on their website or call

Cyber Safe’s top tips for shopping online safely!

Cyber Safe Warwickshire’s online shopping tips to make sure you’re safe from online fraud and scams.

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