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Published Domestic Homicide Reviews

Warwickshire Domestic Homicide Reviews
All Domestic Homicide Reviews that have been published within Warwickshire can be viewed here.

Warwickshire DHRs:

Domestic Homicide Review SW02 – Published March 2023

SWO2 – Executive Summary

SW02 – Overview Report

Domestic Homicide Review W03 Trish – Published February 2022

W03 – Trish Executive Summary

W03 – Trish Home Office Letter

Domestic Homicide Review W01 Elizabeth – Published December 2017

W01-Elizabeth Executive Summary
W01 -Elizabeth Overview Report
W01-Elizabeth Action Plan
W01 Elizabeth Home Office letter
Chair’s response DHR 2014-Elizabeth Home Office

Domestic Homicide Review W02 Mary – Published December 2017

W02-Mary Executive Summary
W02-Mary Overview Report
W02-Mary Action Plan
W02-Mary Home Office letter
W02-Mary Chair’s Response

Domestic Homicide Review SW01 – Published June 2016

DHR SW01 – Press Release (77 KB)
DHR SW01 – Overview Report (1296.9 MB)
Appendix 1 – DHR SW01 Executive Summary (565 KB)
Appendix 2 – DHR SW01 Single Agency Action Plan – Updated May 2016 (482 KB)
Appendix 3 – DHR SW01 Multi Agency Action Plan – Updated May 2016 (222 KB)
Appendix 4 – DHR SW01 Correspondence with the Home Office (282 KB)
Appendix 5 – DHR SW01 Further consideration given to stalking and harassment (235 KB)
DHR SW01 – Notes from the Independent Chair (205 KB)

Domestic Homicide Review NB01 – Published 14th May 2015

NB01 Press Release (236KB)
NB01 Overview Report (505KB)
NB01 Executive Summary (115KB)
NB01 Action Plan – Final August 2017 (pdf, 260 Kb)
NB01 Home Office Response (27KB)

If you would like more information on Warwickshire’s Domestic Homicide Reviews, please contact:

Stavroula Sidiropoulou
Domestic Homicide Review Officer
Tel: 01926 412281

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