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Hate Crime

Being you is not a crime: hate crime is


What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by an offender’s hostility or prejudice towards someone because of their:

  • Race or perceived race (including nationality, national origin, ethnic origin, race and colour)
  • Religion or perceived religion
  • Sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation
  • Disability or perceived disability
  • Gender identity or perceived gender identity
  • Individual characteristics that makes someone appear different e.g. alternative lifestyle, culture, physical appearance and style of dress

The difference between a hate crime and a hate incident

A hate incident is an act that falls short of being a criminal act and is therefore not a criminal offence, but is still perceived by the victim to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on any of the same characteristics.

All hate incidents should be reported to the police; they will be logged and receive a police response.

What type of incident can be a hate incident?

  • Verbal abuse such as name calling or offensive jokes
  • Bullying or intimidation
  • Hoax calls, offensive phone or text messages
  • Online abuse for example on social media
  • Throwing rubbish in a garden

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, some of these may be a criminal offence and logged as a hate crime. They should all be reported and will receive a police response.

Examples of hate crime

When a hate incident is a criminal offence, it is logged as a hate crime. All types of crime can be a hate crime. Examples include:

  • Assault
  • Criminal damage
  • Harassment
  • Murder
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Burglary
  • Graffiti
  • Arson
  • Hate mail

What response can you expect from the police?

All reports of hate crime will receive a police response. They may not be able to respond immediately, but they will act on all reports. Visit their website for more information.

How do I report a hate crime?

You can report a crime in confidence in any of the following ways:

  • For non-emergencies call 101
  • In an emergency call 999
  • Report online to True Vision
  • Call in at a police station or stop a police officer in the street
  • Contact Victim Support on 0300 303 1977
  • Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


Victims of anti-Muslim hate can also report online to Tell MAMA or by calling them on 0800 456 1226. Tell MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service which also measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents. It is not a replacement for the Police Service. In an emergency, please call 999.

Warwickshire Hate Crime Action Plan 2017-18

Public and third sector partners across Warwickshire have developed a partnership action plan to prevent hate crime in the county, increase reporting and improve the response and support available for victims.

The action plan is delivered by the multi-agency County Hate Crime Group which reports to the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board.

Warwickshire Hate Crime Action Plan 2017-18annual-report-cover-pic

Warwickshire Hate Crime Annual Report 2016

The annual report below provides a summary of hate crime in Warwickshire during 2015/16 and partnership activity to address the issues.

Warwickshire Hate Crime Annual Report 2016 (pdf, 2,463.4 Mb)

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