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Information Sharing

The Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board aims to create safer communities through the reduction of crime and the promotion of safety.

The Board is responsible for putting in place an information sharing protocol to facilitate information sharing between responsible authorities for community safety in Warwickshire.

The purpose of this protocol is to facilitate the lawful exchange of information, other than anonymised information, in order to comply with the statutory duty placed on the responsible authorities (Local Authorities, Police, Fire and Rescue, Health and Probation) to work together to develop and implement a strategy and tactics for reducing crime and disorder, anti social behaviour and substance misuse. This includes when an individual poses a risk of harm to the community, specific potential victims or professionals and any other behaviour affecting the local environment.

This protocol will also extend to co-operating organisations and any other agency or organisation which is a signatory to the document.

A list of agencies signed up to the protocol can be found at the end of the document.

The protocol and selected appendices, which are shown separately for ease of reference, can be found below.

Warwickshire Information Sharing Protocol

Legal Basis For Sharing Information

Generic Confidentiality Declaration Sign-In Sheet

Request From External Agencies To Police for Information

Request From The Police To External Agencies For Information

Any additional agency wishing to sign up to the protocol should download and complete the form below and return to for the attention of Katie Whitehouse.

Form To Sign Up To The Information Sharing Protocol


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