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Mate Crime

Mate crime is a form of disability hate crime.

Mate crime is where someone pretends to be friends with a person who is vulnerable (such as someone who has learning disabilities) but then goes on to take advantage, exploit or abuse them.

Mate crime is sometimes hard to identify because the offender is deemed a friend, carer or family member and using the relationship for exploitation. The vulnerable person is often unaware of the person’s motives.


Easy Read Resource

This easy read document will give people a clear insight into what Mate Crime is, how you can keep yourself safe, and where you can get help from.



If you think you, or someone you know, is victim to a mate crime, report to Warwickshire Police on 101. In an emergency dial 999.

If you feel unsafe for any reason when out and about in Warwickshire, look out for the Safe Places scheme, highlighted by the logo, below.

Safe places logo

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