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Nuisance Motorbikes

Anti-Social Behaviour involving motorbikes is a significant problem in the north of Warwickshire. There are two distinct groups of offenders who cause the nuisance.

The first group are those who have the purpose built off road machines and wear the appropriate protective gear. They use vans and trailers to transport the machines to the locations. They target public and private areas across north Warwickshire to practice their hobby. They rarely have permission of the land owner to ride on the land. (Should the landowner give such permission then they would be responsible for the public liability issues should injury be caused to anyone, insuring against the liability would be almost impossible). Damage is caused to public walking areas and to farms crops.

The second group are those who are involved in the stealing or handling of stolen motorbikes. They strip them down to a basic shell and then ride them on public roads, public spaces and private land. Riders do not wear protective equipment, this includes helmets, they rarely have driving documents and have no respect for the law. When the motorbike is no longer of use they are dumped and in some cases set on fire. Some of these riders have been involved in collisions receiving life changing injuries and putting other people in danger of injury.

In an effort to disrupt the offending the agencies in the north of Warwickshire have developed the below initiative.


If you are bothered by off-road motorcycles, quad bikes or go-peds then please help us to help you!

Recently, the number of people using public and private land in order to ride motor bikes illegally has increased . We receive numerous complaints from members of the public about these incidents.

‘Dob em in’ uses the community to identify who is responsible for riding the bikes and who owns the bikes. The police can then take action, either by serving notices on the riders or seizing the machines.

The message is simple – ‘dob em in’.

Postcards have been designed and will be distributed in areas used by nuisance motorbikes giving YOU the opportunity to send us information on the offenders and riders. If you receive this card, please fill out as much information as you can and send it freepost back to us.  Or you can report on line by clicking this link and filling in the form.

How does it work?Dobemin

Simply tell us:

  • where it happened
  • when it happened (time and date)
  • what did they look like, the rider, the bike
  • if you know who they are and where they live

Police Off Road Bike Team

In September 2015 Warwickshire Police received funding from Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner to purchase 3 off road bikes to help tackle the issues of nuisance motorcycles. The bikes have enhanced the capabilities of the team. There are a number of trained officers to ride the machines and they will be targeting areas where incidents are reported. All incidents are collated for times, dates and offender descriptions and the team aim to deploy resources as appropriate to catch offenders. The Team operate in North Warwickshire and Nuneaton and Bedworth Boroughs.

Police Off Road Team Pic


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