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If a young person needs help or wants to speak to someone regarding something that has happened online or offline – use the following helplines on this webpage:

If a young person wants to report abuse on a specific site, or in more serious cases, report to the police or other bodies that regulate bodies on the internet, they can use the following site:

This online reputation checklist is a simple way for young people to learn what a digital footprint is and how this this can be either negative or positive and can even influence their future:

The Safer Internet Centre Site provides information and advice if students are unsure how to stay safe online (the site caters for ages 3-11 and 11-19):

Some small guide checklists for students if they’re not sure how to set privacy settings/blocking someone on certain apps:

Some extremely important Top Tips to remember are: 

  1. Protect your online reputation: use the services provided to manage your digital footprints and ‘think before you post.’ Content posted online can last forever and could be shared publicly by anyone.
  2. Know where to find help: understand how to report to service providers and use blocking and deleting tools. If something happens that upsets you online, it’s never too late to tell someone. 
  3. Don’t give in to pressure: once you’ve pressed send you can’t take it back.
  4. Respect the law: use reliable services and know how to legally access the music, film and TV you want.
  5. Acknowledge your sources: use trustworthy content and remember to give credit when using others’ work/ideas.

Cyber Safe Warwickshire Top Tips Leaflet

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