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Substance Misuse


For many people, alcohol can be something they enjoy with friends and family at home, at a local pub or restaurant, or at a social or recreational gathering.drinks

For some, however, alcohol cannot be enjoyed responsibly, and the resultant alcohol-related crime, anti-social behaviour and high risk of chronic diseases is unacceptable and likely to be devastating for individuals, their families and the communities they live in.

The statistics around alcohol and violence are stark: in almost half of violent incidents, the victim believed the perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol, and a fifth of all violent incidents took place in or around a pub or club. In almost three quarters of domestic violence incidents the perpetrator had used alcohol prior to committing the offence. This kind of irresponsible and excessive consumption of alcohol imposes a significant and devastating cost on individuals, communities and society.

Alcohol-related healthcare costs in Warwickshire are an estimated £30.8m, equating to £70 per adult. There is strong evidence to show that for every £1 invested in specialist alcohol treatment, £5 is saved on health, welfare and crime costs.

Harm to individuals and society as a whole may increase unless action is taken.


Warwickshire County Council commissions a range of services for adults and young people affected by alcohol misuse. Please visit for details.


Drugs can cause misery to individuals and communities and be a driver of crime, including violence linked to organised crime.


Warwickshire County Council commissions a range of services for adults and young people affected by drug misuse. Please visit for details.

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