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Preventing radicalisation

Radicalisation is the process through which people come to support violent extremism. Violent extremism involves supporting or using violence to achieve a cause. This can, in rare cases, lead people and groups to commit terrorist acts. 

Radicalisation can take place when someone is groomed into supporting violent extremism. They may be encouraged to support extremist ideas, such as those linked to politics, religion, or other causes. They may be encouraged to feel anger and intolerance towards other people, groups or communities and may come to believe that violence is needed to pursue their ideas. Radicalisation can happen over anything from a few days to several years. 

Currently, concerns are greatest about radicalisation to causes associated with international terrorist activity and right-wing extremism. The internet, social media and online gaming sites have become key places for promoting extremism and targeting people for radicalisation. 

 Signs that someone is being radicalised could include:

  • Becoming more secretive, especially around internet use;
  • Spending increasing amounts of time communicating with friends met online; 
  • Becoming isolated from family and friends; 
  • Developing a fixation on a particular subject; 
  • Expressing intolerance or hatred of other people and communities; 
  • Changing appearance to reflect association with a group or cause; and 
  • Expressing thoughts about harming or using violence towards others. 

What we are doing to Prevent radicalisation in Warwickshire

Warwickshire is a relatively safe place to live, and most crime types are continuing to reduce. However, we also live in a global community which means we are affected by trends and events that occur at the international level. At present, we need to consider the international threat of terrorism and those people who are pulled into groups that support extremist causes. 

In Warwickshire, authorities and communities are working together to deliver the Government’s Prevent Strategy. Prevent is one of four objectives which make up the Government’s Strategy for Countering Terrorism - CONTEST

A local action plan has been developed to implement the Prevent Strategy in Warwickshire and to implement the new Prevent and Channel legislation. 

The action plan is owned by the multi-agency Warwickshire Prevent Working Group which reports into the Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board.

Warwickshire Channel Process

Channel is a key element of the Prevent Strategy. It is a multi-agency approach to identifying and providing support to individuals who are at risk of being drawn into terrorism. 

The following leaflet provides more information on how the Channel process works in Warwickshire. Channel meetings are currently held monthly.