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Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs)

Statutory Duties

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and subsequent legislation sets out the duties for Community Safety Partnerships, these are:

  • To have a District level Community Safety Partnership (CSP) made up of ‘Responsible Authorities’ for the area, which are the District Council, County Council, Police, Fire, Probation, and the Integrated Care Board,
  • To undertake a crime audit, the ‘Strategic Assessment’.
  • To formulate and implement strategies to tackle crime and disorder, the misuse of drugs, to reducing reoffending and to reducing serious violence in the area.
  • To share information with ‘Relevant Authorities’ for the purposes of preventing and reducing crime and disorder.
  • To conduct Domestic Homicide Reviews.
  • To conduct Offensive Weapon Homicide Reviews.
  • A Section 17 duty for Responsible Authorities to ‘Without prejudice to any other obligation imposed upon it, it shall be the duty of each authority … to exercise its various functions with due regard to the likely effect of the exercise of those functions on, and the need to do all that it reasonably can to prevent, crime and disorder in its area (including anti-social and other behaviour adversely affecting the local environment) and the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances in its area.’

In two-tier areas there is also a requirement for a countywide Community Safety Agreement.

There is also a duty for the CSP and the Police & Crime Commissioner to take each other’s priorities into account and act in co-operation with each other.

In Warwickshire there are 4 CSPs: