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Safer Streets

Safer Streets Round Five: update on projects

On 14 December 2023 we received information from the home office that they were making reductions to the funding in year 2. We needed to make a reduction of £180,000 for 24/25 year, from £535,000 to £355,000.

We have worked with partners to achieve this new total. We have brought forward some work into Year 1 using underspend. We have reduced the number of cameras and monitoring in certain locations. We are pleased to say we limited the interventions we cancelled.

We were required to re-submit the grant variation paperwork to the Home Office. This was submitted on 1 February, ahead of the 23 February deadline. We wait to see if our changes have been accepted.   

Year 1 delivery update

Project 1- CCTV

Intervention - North Warwickshire CCTV

  • Mobile CCTV cameras are on order
  • Work continues with the Town Centre CCTV Control Room and the increased monitoring of cameras
  • Flytipping cameras are ordered

Full spend for this project is predicted before the end of March 2024.

Intervention - Rugby CCTV

The upgrading of the Town Centre CCTV system including software and hardware upgrading to allow some expansion of the system is running to schedule and it is anticipated to be delivered by the end of March 2024.


Project 2- ASB/VAWG

Intervention - Warwick DC Leamington Street Marshals scheme

Following issues with Street Marshals the grant funding has been charged.  Funding has been transferred to the Community Wardens project. This will enable increased staffing and resources for the service. The Community Wardens will provide an enhance service to the community and support the work already being carried out.

As a result, there is an underspend on this project. 

Intervention - Nuneaton and Bedworth Target hardening

This project can no longer be delivered.

Following work with the Borough the purchasing of 2 Nomad cameras will be done, 1 from the underspend and a further camera that was originally scheduled for next year.

Intervention - Rugby Lighting

The installation of lamp columns at Millennium Green. This intervention is planned to be delivered by the end of March 2024.


Project 3- Empowerment

Intervention - Co-ordinator role

The co-ordinator role has continued to work on all aspects of coordination and administration for Round Five Safer Streets projects. There is an overspend which has been taken into consideration for our latest grant repurposing form.

Intervention - Warwickshire Police

Training of officers/staff on behaviour detection officer methodology, focusing on Nuneaton town centre, Leamington town centre and Rugby town centre has been completed.

This intervention is predicted to have a total underspend in year 1 of £3600 due to training having to be cancelled in light of the year 2 reduction in funding. This underspend has been repurposed.

Intervention - Crimestoppers

Crimestoppers educational and awareness campaign on combatting VAWG by improving understanding and confidence amongst the public on preventing and/or responding to VAWG and to prevent VAWG in public spaces. This intervention is being delivered on time, with the campaign going live from 17 January over a six week intensive period till 28 Feb 2024.

Intervention - Community empowerment events

The 20 LSOA’s are currently being identified and the crime data is being used to determine the types of crime prevention equipment that will support empowering the community to make their communities safer. Local Safer Neighbourhood Teams from the police are being consulted and there will be a range of different community empowerment events unique to the locations. Funding to support the delivery of the events has been removed as a saving next year, hence the changes to how the events are delivered. Full spend will take place.

Project underspends

As reported the total underspend has been repurposed:   

  • CCTV Rugby (they took a £30k loss for the Year 2 spend) 
  • CCTV Cameras Nuneaton and Bedworth (£10k cameras lost in Year 2) 
  • CCTV North warks (Fly tipping camera costs lost in Year 2)
  • CCTV Cameras North Warks
  • Small scale community interventions (Lost in Year 2) 
  • Admin costs (increase due to the Home Office reducing the funding in Year 2 and extra work this has caused) 

Further updates will follow