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Safer Streets

Agencies in Warwickshire have secured £249,000 from Round 3 of the Home Office Safer Streets fund. This funding is for projects designed to reduce violence against women and girls and increase women and girls’ feelings of safety in public spaces.

Use of this funding will be focused on locations in the county where women and girls have told us they feel unsafe and will incorporate community feedback to create safer spaces for all. It will also fund the development of an education programme looking to raise awareness of misogyny and inappropriate behaviours towards women and girls.

Project updates will be posted on this page

Information from the national StreetSafe reporting portal will be incorporated into the development of the Safer Streets project. StreetSafe enables members of the public to anonymously drop a pin onto a map and describe factors that caused them concern, including behavioural or environmental reasons why they felt unsafe. You can report concerns on StreetSafe here:

Safer Streets funding has to be spent in targeted locations of the county. It is possible however that further funding will become available and, even if we are unable to respond directly to your concerns through the existing funding, your input will be very valuable in helping to inform potential future applications. In addition, local partners are regularly monitoring the data and will consider responses to local issues that are possible outside the Safer Streets project.

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